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Rave Review of Centaur Karavané Caravan

New Customer wants us to pass on his opinion of his new Centaur Karavané Caravan

Hi Caroline,

We picked up our new Karavané and went to the Flerieu Peninsula for a short trip to assess the van. We were thrilled with how well it towed, even into 80kph headwinds, it was stable and returned really excellent fuel consumption thanks to the very good aerodynamics of the van, For the entire trip there and back we were able to comfortably sit on 100kph. For it's size it was great to have such a light tow ball weight yet have a van that was so stable to tow.

We were also impressed by the amount of storage cupboards, hanging space not found on many vans and a general feeling of spaciousness in the interior. The layout of separate shower and toilet worked really well.

The build quality was first class with an excellent level of finish and in general was extremely comfortable to travel in.


We requested a number of changes which Centaur happily went along with and we found Caroline and the staff to be very helpful and professional throughout the process of getting our van built.


Before we had this van built, we had been looking for a van for 5 years and had looked in detail at every brand, even to considering designing a custom made van, yet the Karavané met our requirements of spaciousness, aerodynamics, build quality, sophisticated suspension, weight and tow ball load.

Everywhere we went people came up to us wanting to look in the van . Universally they were impressed by the quality, space and appearance of the van.

John and Sue Fairlie